Commissioning music can be an incredibly rewarding experience for all involved. If you lead an ensemble, you can provide your musicians with a glimpse into the process of creating the music they play, as well as the chance to participate in the birth of a new piece. If you are a performer, you can contribute to the creation of the music that you wish existed, and which is designed for your hands or voice. I've worked with ensembles large and small, professional and amateur, and am happy to take on new challenges. If you have an idea, or even just want to toss a few around, contact me here and we can discuss!


To inquire about any of these services, contact me here.

Music Direction

I work as a freelance music director for musical theatre in Bellingham. I have worked with Bellingham Arts Academy for Youth, Western Washington University, and Sehome High School.

Voice lessons

If you live in the Bellingham/Whatcom County area, I am happy to offer vocal instruction! Healthy singing and a love of music are the emphases of my teaching, and I can work with a variety of interests and styles. My experience so far has largely been with the 9-16 age range, though students of any age are welcome to contact me. I currently hold voice lessons at Bellingham Arts Academy for Youth.

Musical Improv

In collaboration with mainstage performers from The Upfront Theatre, we improvise musicals! I improvise at the piano; the cast improvises onstage. It's been The Upfront's most popular show lately!

Arranging / Transcription / Orchestration / Editing

And if you need any of a number of services involving sheet music, I'm here for you!

A few definitions:

Arranging is taking a tune and making your own setting of it, harmonic content and all. For example, a new version of "Danny Boy". (But why ever would we need a new version of that?)

Transcription is taking music for one instrument or set of instruments, and making it playable by a different set of instruments, while changing the notes as little as possible. For example, transcribing a brass quintet arrangement of "Mack the Knife" for string quartet (but the arrangement itself stay the same).

Orchestration is somewhere between the two. It is usually the converting of music written for small forces (perhaps just piano) to orchestra. For example, Ravel's orchestration of Mussorgsky's piano work "Pictures at an Exhibition".

Editing: last but not least, if the music is already written, it may still need some visual re-organization! I am a proficient Finale user (you could say native, as I've used it since I was 10), with a great eye for design. I can take music in digital or paper form and typeset it in Finale to look clear and professional. As an example, here is the first movement of my piece "Pictures", for Pierrot ensemble:
1. The Sun Rises Over a Cemetery in Amherst, MA

I'll leave you with an arrangement (or transcription? The terminology if fuzzy here--I'd say the notes are so close to the original that it's probably actually a transcription) of YES' "Your Move", that I did for WWU's men's a capella group, Undefined: